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Mike Pittman

The President is ultimately responsible for the conduct of all Local business.The responsibilities of the President are to:

  • Assume direct responsibility for internal organizing.
  • Engage in and supervise collective bargaining as needed.
  • Make worksite visits.
  • Provide communication link between members and the International.
  • Perform all duties as required by the CWA Constitution and Local Bylaws.
  • Execute all Local programs  as established by the membership.
  • Lead the Local.
  • Conduct all Local business.
  • Plan and Chair membership meetings and Executive Board meetings.
  • Set specific goals for the year with input from other officers.
  • Prepare a budget in consultation with other officers, which supports and reflects specific goals for the year.
  • Foster an organizing cultureand identify external organizing leads.
  • Supervise work of all officers and committees.
  • Have working knowledge of contract(s) --check with district staff for interpretations.
  • Supervise all grievances.
  • Develop new leadership within Local.
  • Involve other officers in Local decision-making.
  • Operate as a member of a team --as well as lead that team.
  • Share information with other officers.
  • Get members involved in the union.
  • Represent the Local to employer, community leaders and media.